Tips and Advice Getting A Logo Designed

So you’ve set up your business, decided on a company name and now you need a Logo. So how do you go about this you ask? In this blog I will discuss the following: If you haven’t already, check out my blog on what makes a good logo! Finding The Right Designer To Work With […]

Branding basics Logos

So you’ve decided to set up your own business. You’ve chosen your business name. Whats next? Well that would be your logo. Not everyone has a big budget for a logo, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still have a great logo designed. In this blog I’m going to discuss the following: What is […]

5 Reasons You Should Hire An Illustrator

Whether you’re setting up a new business or you already have an existing brand, an Illustrator can be a worthwhile investment for your company. When most people think of illustration they think of picture books. However illustrators are visual problem-solvers who have a diverse range of skills and abilities. Many Illustrators will have studied a […]